On F5 BIG-IP 16.1.x versions prior... CVE-2022-26835

4.0 AV AC AU C I A
发布: 2022-05-05
修订: 2022-05-12

On F5 BIG-IP 16.1.x versions prior to, 15.1.x versions prior to, 14.1.x versions prior to, 13.1.x versions prior to 13.1.5, and all versions of 12.1.x and 11.6.x, directory traversal vulnerabilities exist in undisclosed iControl REST endpoints and TMOS Shell (tmsh) commands in F5 BIG-IP Guided Configuration, which may allow an authenticated attacker with at least resource administrator role privileges to read arbitrary files. Note: Software versions which have reached End of Technical Support (EoTS) are not evaluated