CWE-12 ASP.NET误配置:缺少定制错误页面

ASP.NET Misconfiguration: Missing Custom Error Page

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An ASP .NET application must enable custom error pages in order to prevent attackers from mining information from the framework's built-in responses.


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Confidentiality Read Application Data Default error pages gives detailed information about the error that occurred, and should not be used in production environments. Attackers can leverage the additional information provided by a default error page to mount attacks targeted on the framework, database, or other resources used by the application.


System Configuration


Handle exceptions appropriately in source code. ASP .NET applications should be configured to use custom error pages instead of the framework default page.

Architecture and Design


Do not attempt to process an error or attempt to mask it.



Verify return values are correct and do not supply sensitive information about the system.


The mode attribute of the tag in the Web.config file defines whether custom or default error pages are used.

In the following insecure ASP.NET application setting, custom error message mode is turned off. An ASP.NET error message with detailed stack trace and platform versions will be returned.


<customErrors mode="Off" />

A more secure setting is to set the custom error message mode for remote users only. No defaultRedirect error page is specified. The local user on the web server will see a detailed stack trace. For remote users, an ASP.NET error message with the server customError configuration setting and the platform version will be returned.

good ASP.NET

<customErrors mode="RemoteOnly" />

Another secure option is to set the mode attribute of the <customErrors> tag to use a custom page as follows:

good ASP.NET

<customErrors mode="On" defaultRedirect="YourErrorPage.htm" />


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